Claymation Camp

Description: Have you ever seen Wallace and Gromit or Gumby and wondered, "How do they do that?" We can show you! You will develop your own simple story with other kids in the camp. Then you'll create your own figures out of clay and design your background. We will bring your figures to life using just cameras and computers! Plus, you'll go home with a video of your creation. If you like to create and use computers, then this camp is for you! Check out samples from last year below!


Animated Digital Storytelling Camp

Animated cartoons are just digital stories made to move with special software. They are easy to do and a lot of fun! This workshop will give you a chance to tell YOUR stories using simple animations! You will create your own project using digital images and computer drawings that you can move, then record audio to create a video of your digital story.


Students who attended my Millersville University tech camp on Digital Storytelling wrote and animated the pourquoi (the french word for "why?") stories. The kids had a great time writing and creating them!


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