Recording Directly to iMovie


It's easy to record directly to iMovie with your macbook using the built-in camera! The steps below go through the basic process without any editing. Please submit a tech ticket for help with editing your videos or click here for online tutorials by Apple.

Click here for a video tutorial on how to do this!!

Step 1: Launch iMovie application (should be in your dock or in the Applications Folder on your Macintosh HD)

Step 2: Go to File... New Project. Click Create (you can explore other themes later)
Step 3: Click on the video camera icon Screen_shot_2011-01-20_at_10.13.11_AM.png

Step 4: Make sure Camera: says "Built-in isight" Screen_shot_2011-01-20_at_10.14.40_AM.png

Step 5: Position the laptop to view the area you want to record.

Step 6: Click Capture button Screen_shot_2011-01-20_at_10.15.56_AM.png

Step 7: Name the recording then click Capture button

Step 8: If you are only recording a single "event", click Done. Otherwise repeat steps 6 and 7 until all events have been recorded then click Done.

Step 9: Double-click on the to put a yellow box around it, then drag it up to the top area of the iMovie work area.

Step 10: Go to Share... Export Movie... Choose size for finished movie and Export.

Note: Your exported movie will automatically open with iTunes. To set it to open with Quicktime, you will need to click once on the file, then go up to File... Get info. Change "Open with:" from iTunes to QuickTime and close the window. (Select "Change All... before closing to make QuickTime your default movie player).

Another Note: If you are including any kind of writing in your video (text or numbers), you will want to "flip" it so it's not backwards. This can be done by double-clicking on the clip, then changing the Video Effect to "Flipped".


SAMPLES: Click here to view samples made by RES fifth graders!