iPods and iPads for Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling with iPads

iMovie for iPad


iMovie for iPad is pretty easy. Here's how to make a quick digital story.
  1. Use the iPad camera to take pictures. If students have drawn their pictures, hang them on the wall to take the pics. This will automatically put them into your Photos library, making them accessible in iMovie.
  2. Launch iMovie (this is not a free app, but well worth $4.99!!)
  3. Tap on the + symbol to create a new project
  4. Tap on the gear icon (top right corner) to set project theme. Set project style, theme music, and fading.
  5. Tap on the images icon (between film and music icons) to access photos.
  6. Tap on the photo you want to use, which places it in your movie.
  7. Tap on the mic to record audio.
  8. Change the length of your pic to last for duration of audio by tapping the, then dragging dots at either end.
  9. Add titles by tapping 2x on image then choosing Title Style (font determined by project theme).
  10. Set Ken Burns motion by clicking Start, dragging or pinching, and End, dragging pinching. (this is the tricky part)
  11. Repeat for other images and audio.
  12. Tap on the iMovie icon in the top to go back to the main screen.
  13. Tap on the Export icon (square with arrow going out) to send to Camera Roll (if you are going to email it to yourself) or iTunes (if the iPad is syncing to a computer). This will allow others to view your video. You can also set up a free CNN iReport account where your video can be hosted for viewing.
Here is a sample video created by a teacher who had a 10 minute lesson on iMovie!!



iPods have many classroom applications for sharing student stories:


Check out what these kids produced!



Voice-recorded Interviews

*Note: If you are downloading any .ogg files to put on your iPod, you'll need to convert it first using iTunes, which requires a plugin from http://www.xiph.org/quicktime/download.html